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Our Products

We pride ourselves on being able to offer you the very best meat and produce available. If you would like to discuss your requirements, please call us today on:  01225 873707 or you can contact us by email:



Almost all of the beef we sell is from our own herd that is kept at Newton Farm,and neighbouring Park Farm. Our herd lives naturally, free range out at grass in Newton Park, coming in to spacious barns in the winter months, but still being fed grass which we harvest and keep as silage to feed our cattle in the winter when the grass has stopped growing.  Sometimes to meet demand we have to buy in beef, so this is sourced as locally as possible from farms with a similar ethos to our own.

We use a local abattoir and have the meat back at the farm where it is 'hung' for 4-6 weeks which is part of the reason why our beef is so tender, full of flavour and winner of some prestigious awards.

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Our lamb is tasty, succulent, tender and delicious. It comes either from our own farm or from other traditional British family farms, sourced as locally as possible. Our on site butchers prepare your lamb just how you want it.

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Whether you are having a leg of pork for Sunday roast, or some belly pork to slow roast, or even some wholesome pork chops, you will notice the difference. Our pork is often from our own Saddleback pigs, or otherwise sourced as locally as possible, preferably from British family farms, and cut to your specification by our butchers.

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Turkey / Goose / Duck

The Poultry we sell is usually either from Woolley Park, Bradford on Avon, or from Castlemead Poultry, Faulkland, Radstock.  Both of these farms keep their birds outside so they are able to range free.

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Our free range chickens are locally sourced and come in a range of weights ranging from 4 to about 10lbs. They make a good hearty meal and are an excellent choice for the family roast.

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High meat content burgers:

Our burgers deserve special mention because the meat we use is entirely top quality mince.  We  handmake our burgers to your choice of size and flavour.We make: Beef, Lamb & Mint and Pork & Apple. Gluten free is usually available on request. We make all of these in either 4oz (standard size), or 3oz,  6oz, or even 8oz!

Our burgers can be either cooked as part of a healthy meal, grilled and served with salad or vegetables, or they can be part of your barbecue selection. They are easily cooked and absolutely delicious in a soft bread roll.


Our sausages are also hand made on site and we make a range of flavours each week, and we also make gluten free...although always check before making a special journey.

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